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01/16/2018 – People who have it all together...

I'm putting the most important words of the email right here:  Would your family know how to deal with things in the event of your death?

There, I said it.  

Some people think they have it "all together" and maybe you do more than most. But does anyone else know where "all together" is and where you put all of those details? Do they know the passwords? Do they have an idea what you want shared at your funeral or what was truly important to you? Do they know what bills needs paid when? Do they know how your pet likes to be fed or treated?

People who have it all together need to share that info with trusted family and friends.  People who don't have it all together should start somewhere.

We at Faith Investment Services believe this is important -- so much so that we're paying for a subscription to Everplans for YOU.  Everplans lets you record all of the important details that you work so hard to maintain in ONE PLACE.  You can choose deputies (trusted family or friends) to have access to certain parts (or all) of the information. You are in charge of the information at all times -- we don't have access nor does anyone else unless you arrange it.  We hope you'll accept this free gift.  Email to ask for an Everplans account.