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03/05/2019 - Are you a teacher?

Teachers experience it all: the planning, prepping, grading, after school meetings, testing –– you name it! Their hard work and dedication is often overlooked. Here are some realities that many teachers can relate to:

1. Post-it's and paper clips are a lifesavers.

2. Your bladder is bigger than you think.

3. Sleep? What is sleep?

4. You have a best friend who goes by the name of coffee.

5. Shoes might look cute and innocent, but they're the devil in disguise.

6. You have the teacher look down pat.

7. Your late nights aren't filled with Netflix but grading.

8. You and your teacher friends turn the latest songs into school songs.

9. A new day, a new scarf.

10. The teaching part is the easy part.

11. Your lunch looks like yogurt with a side of papers.

12. You are superman/superwoman.


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