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07/02/2019 - Patriotism and Politics - do they go together?

I was looking for an article to share with you that would talk about patriotism - and specifically whether you have to agree politically with the current administration to display patriotism in "good conscience".  Are you really betraying your beliefs if you support your country, even if you don't support the President?  

My google search led me to a portion of an article published in 1892.  Patriotism and Politics from the North American Review

Here is a brief excerpt:  "But, happily, the American people are not prone to despondency or to political stagnation, or to revolution outside of the lines of legitimate reform. They are cheerful and hopeful, because they are conscious of their strength; and well they may be, when they reflect on the century of ordeals through which they have triumphantly passed.  They are vigilant, because they are liberty-loving, and they know that 'Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.' They are an enlightened and practical people; therefore are they quick to detect and prompt to resist the first inroads of corruption. They know well how to apply the antidote to the political distemper of the hour. They have the elasticity of mind and heart to rise to the occasion. They will never suffer the stately temple of the Constitution to be overthrown, but will hasten to strengthen the foundation where it is undermined, to repair every breach, and to readjust every stone of the glorious edifice."

It seems that political engagement and working toward legitimate reform remains our patriotic duty - whichever side of the fence you are on.  It is good to be involved and to care.  It is wise to be informed.  The author, Cardinal Gibbons, states "It is needless to say that I write not merely as a churchman, but as a citizen; not in a partisan, but in a patriotic, spirit; not in advocacy of any political party, but in vindication of pure government.  There is a moral side to most political questions; and my purpose here is to consider the ethical aspects of politics, and the principles of justice by which they should be regulated."

This Fourth of July, I encourage you to display patriotism and love for your country. I encourage you to engage in civil discussions with those who do not agree with you. I encourage you to realize that the freedom to debate these disagreements was bought by the blood of our ancestors. Enjoy the God-given liberties that we experience in America and proudly celebrate America - the land of the free and the home of the brave.

God bless America!