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07/16/2019 - Why Everyone Should Learn to Code

Who makes the apps and software that you enjoy on your phone? Perhaps the young woman in the pew beside you on Sunday or the retired gentleman at the local coffee shop!  Writing apps and software involves coding. 

According to Techopedia, "Coding is the primary method for allowing intercommunication between humans and machines.  Early coding was done through physical punch cards and similar methods.  As digital computers were created, early programming languages like BASIC, FORTRAN and COBOL were used, each with its own syntax and operators.  In the personal computer and Internet age, developers and computer programmers typically produce code in modules that correspond to individual computing tasks. These modules are put together in a collective framework or project, such as an individual software application."

Some reasons why everyone should learn to code:

1) Coding can lead to software development jobs

2) It opens up other job opportunities

3) Coding can make your job application stand out

4) Coding literacy can help you understand other aspects of technology

5) It could lead to freelance work

6) Coding can allow you to pursue passion projects

7) Coding can boost problem solving and logic skills

8) Coding improves interpersonal skills as you work collaboratively

9) Being a skilled coder can build confidence

10) Anyone can do it :)

This article talks about ways to learn coding 12 Sites That Will Teach You Coding at a Low Cost, Even Free  


18 Unexpectedly Innovative Apps

1) Car Finder AR

2) Lumosity

3) Pandora

4) Skype

5) The Weather Channel

6) Web MD

7) Pillboxie

8) Goodreads

9) Find my iPhone

10) Magnifying Glass with Light

11) Epicurious

12) Mint

13) Blood Pressure Monitor

14) Google Home or Amazon Alexa

15) iBooks

16) NPR

17) Netflix

18) Simple Social