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07/30/2019 - What about College Debt?

We've been busy in our office, getting our next quarterly newsletter ready to send out.  

This issue of our newsletter is going to focus on the growing issue of college debt and the value of a college education.  We strongly believe that each student’s skills, interests, and ambition should be considered before there is a “default decision” to enter college and accumulate expense and debt. There are certainly careers that merit a college education and there are students who are highly motivated to pursue those fields.  However, there is also much to be gained by entering the workforce through direct employment, certification (on or off the job), and/or an associate’s degree.  Further, there are creative ways to pursue a bachelor’s degree that do not require room and board, full brick-and-mortar tuition, and so forth.  “Over the past 20 years, tuition at public and private universities has jumped by over 150 percent, while the federal minimum wage has remained at $7.25 for almost a decade. It’s fair to claim that a college education is an investment in yourself, but that doesn’t negate the fact that it’s an outrageously expensive investment, and eventually someone has to pay for it.”  NYTimes “College vs Paycheck” 8/28/18 

We hope you'll be on the lookout for the newsletter and take a few minutes to read it.  If you or your children are not currently in the phase of making college decisions, you probably still have friends or grandchildren in your life who are.  Feel free to share the newsletter with them!

Here is a sampling of articles, all published within the last year from reputable sources, that highlight the growing uncertainty that "college is the only way."  

Attending College is a More Uncertain Experience Today -CNBC

Top Companies Are Hiring More Candidates without a 4 year Degree

College May Not Be Worth It Anymore

We believe that education is very valuable!!  The strongest point we hope to make by discussing this topic is that 1) it might not be for everyone, 2) amassing loads of debt to go is risky and quite possibly unwise, and 3) there are cost-effective ways to get an education if and when you are ready to learn.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and your own experiences.  Feel free to reply - and if you'll allow us to quote your material to others, please say so.