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08/28/2017 - High School Sports and Families that Cook

Preparing for another season of sports

In a recent article by the Washington Post, a new light was shed on high school sports' concussions.  "The results showed a striking gender-based difference in the incidents of concussion. Football, a sport most typically associated with brain injury but also has a high number of total injuries due to its being a collision sport, was fourth on the list of concussion as a percentage of total injuries, behind girls' soccer, girls' volleyball and girls' basketball."  The article cited lack of proper equipment, weaker neck muscles, and "an increased emphasis on physical play." To read the entire article:

Great recipes

Families that cook together stay together! I don't know if that's really true, but it seems like it would be. Cooking creates shared memories, shared tastes, and time together preparing. It creates a sense of how "our family" eats and what "our family" likes – which helps to build family identity. To help you build family identity over shared food, consider BigOven.   Especially if you have adult children who are scattered away from home, sharing this app might bring you back together through sharing food and fellowship. And that's a great recipe for your family!