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09/18/2018 - 4 Killer Questions - How to Cut Through the Rhetoric

If you're like me, you hear a lot of "garbage" every day.  Some on the news, some on social media, some from co-workers/acquaintances/friends... it seems endless.  Of course, some of this comes at you in a one-way manner and you can't really respond except by turning it off.  But when it comes at you in a two-way manner and you have an opportunity to have actual conversation, here are some great questions to help you have meaningful and real discussion with those who think differently than you.

4 Killer Questions

Question #1: What do you mean by that?

Question #2: Where do you get your information?

Question #3: How do you know that’s true?

Question #4: What if you’re wrong?

These questions are most recently brought to light by Bill Jack of Worldview Academy but date back to Socrates.  They are intended to open conversation, create a non-threatening dialogue, and perhaps cause your adversary to stop and think about the information and opinion they are sharing.  

These questions shouldn't be used as a club to beat your opponent up, but as an entry point to have a real, meaningful conversation.

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