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1/18/2022 – What to do on a dreary winter day?

If you live near us, I want to invite you to stop by our office and check out our lending library.  There is nothing like a winter day to make you feel like curling up with a mug of cocoa or coffee and a good book!

We have books on productivity, budgeting, investing, biographies, Christian principles regarding money, children's books and more.  Anyone is welcome - client or not - to stop in and check out a book to read.

Reply and tell us some of your favorite financial books, blogs, broadcasts, etc.  We are always on the lookout for resources to offer to others!

When I left my job in corporate America and started my own business, "Business by the Book" by Larry Burkett made a profound impression on me.  The principles that Larry shared in that classic book helped frame my thoughts on business ownership, treatment of employees, priorities, and more.  I still reference things I learned from him and frequently share this book with others.  

Being teachable - through books, conversations, research, etc - is key to a life of growth.  Enjoy a good book soon!