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1/4/2022 – What Will Heaven Be Like?

I (Kathi) have been pondering lately what heaven will be like.  I am aware there are several reasons for this. 

One reason is that the victory of death has separated me from many dear friends in the last year.  I think about them and wonder what they are experiencing.  I know it is GOOD but even my best understanding of scripture still leaves heaven shrouded in mystery.

Another reason that heaven is 'top of mind', if I'm being honest, is that a lot of things on earth have gotten uncomfortable, challenging, and even dark.  I long for heaven more when I'm confronted with the realities of this life.  However, when I want heaven just to avoid suffering, I may not be responding Biblically.  God calls us to suffer, not escape.  Yet my mind wanders to heaven because I do want the challenges and suffering to end and I recognize that, in heaven, there will be no more tears, pain, or suffering.

A third reason that heaven is on my mind is that it is nearer today than ever before.  (I'm aging!)  No matter whether I live a full life or one the world considers 'cut short' - heaven is closer to me today than ever before.  The Bible calls us to prepare for heaven by how we live out our days here.  

Friend, as you start this new year, turn your hope toward heaven.  If you have not trusted Christ as your Savior, that is the first step to experiencing heaven.  You can admit you are a sinner, believe in Jesus' power and love-willingness to forgive your sin, and commit your life to following Him.  Then heaven is your hope.  If you already know Him in that way, draw on the hope He offers.  This world ultimately is not your home.  There is a future day when you will commune with God with no veil or mystery.  Hallelujah!

Happy New Year!