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1/5/2021 – Flurry of Activity

Christmas time is often busy and full of last minute tasks.  This year had a different rhythm to it because of COVID and many people we know chose (or simply needed) to do things differently.

Did your Christmas have a slower rhythm to it?  Were things busy as normal?  Somewhere in between?

Whatever the pace, I hope that you were able to experience Christ's presence and His fullness and joy.  The world cannot steal from us what Christ has imparted to us!  He has come that you might have life in His name.

We've been talking to clients and friends about changes in our economy, how interest rates and national debt and other factors will begin to influence their income in retirement, and what options they might have to "weather the storm."

This led to a "flurry" of activity at the end of 2020, as people called and came in to have a conversation.  Our focus, always, is to provide education and clear explanations so that you can make informed choices about your investments.  We were encouraged to be able to help many people as the year closed out and we are excited to think about the opportunities to help others in 2021.

This is the time of year that many people pause to consult their tax advisers, to prepare for their upcoming tax return.  Perhaps it would be wise to make a 2nd phone call to your financial adviser.  

We can help you:

- find possible tax deductions that are suitable for your situation

- understand how the market is affecting your investments and what possible adjustments you may want to make

- better understand what you have and how it will translate into income when you ultimately retire 

- review your beneficiaries to be sure that you are avoiding probate as much as possible and still accomplishing your end desire for your assets

There is no cost for a conversation.  The only "payment" required is taking the time to complete a simple questionnaire that gathers basic information together prior to our talk.  That makes the first meeting (in person or by phone or Zoom) much more productive.  Contact us if you'd like to have a conversation and we will send this questionnaire to you.