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Our final "Getting Your House in Order" workshop is coming soon. It is scheduled for Wednesday, January 15 at 7 pm. We've had a 'full house' each time and great opportunity to talk and learn. 

We hope you will consider joining us!!

What does “Getting Your House in Order” mean? For some, it paints a picture of getting your affairs in order prior to death. For others, it means spring cleaning or de-cluttering. Other people use this expression to talk about their financial affairs, for good or bad.

We have been having conversations with other professionals in downtown Bluffton about the questions that people ask in an effort to “get their house in order.” Is my insurance coverage adequate? When can I retire?  Will I have enough money to live on when I am no longer working?  What will happen tax-wise when I inherit Dad’s land or IRA? Are there legal ways to give money to my children prior to entering a nursing home? How do I sign up for Medicare or begin to navigate the world of Medicare supplements?  Should I be “in the market” if I’m on a limited income?  Is there any way to have guaranteed income in retirement? How should I leave money to my children or church or favorite charities? What questions should I be asking that I don’t even know to ask?!

Faith Investment Services is partnering with Scott Basinger, attorney at law, and Neil Reichenbach CPA to provide a non-threatening environment to get some of these basic questions answered.  Many of the questions cross the lines of specialty – affecting both insurance and tax planning or impacting investments and estate planning – and we believe it will be especially helpful to have multiple experts in one room. 

To sign up – register at Faith Investment Services Events