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10/11/22 - Dig a Little Deeper

The general midterm election in the US will be held Tuesday, November 8.  Our country is at a critical point and this election is as important as any we have ever experienced.

Being an informed voter takes some time and effort.  However, especially for a Christian believer, it is vital to take time and do your homework.  We encourage you to read the party platforms and know what each political party is promoting.  The full platforms are quite large - 65 pages plus - but each has a good synopsis at the beginning that spells out what is important to them.

Do the values (worldviews, agendas, etc.) outlined in the platform line up with your moral convictions? With your understanding of Scripture? With the very heart of God?

Please take some time and investigate before you vote.  Maybe - along with reading the platform information - it would be valuable to prayerfully reread God's Word as it pertains to the value of life, the role of government, the sanctity of marriage, and so forth.

I am not writing this as an outside observer.  I sincerely recognize my own accountability to God with regards to voting.  I am humbly asking you to join me.