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10/13/2020 - Party Platforms reflect the heart and motivation of the candidates

It can be very difficult to get information "straight from the horse's mouth" these days.  However, it is very important that we read and understand what the candidates and the parties they represent actually stand for - in their own words. 

This email will give you some helpful links to source information (not pre-digested media information) so that you can make informed decisions before the November election.  Please take time to be informed and to share with others.

This link takes you to an unedited version of the 2016 Republican Party Platform.  The 2020 Republican National Convention chose, because of meeting restriction related to COVID, to adjourn without adopting a new platform until the 2024 Republican National Convention.   As a result, they chose to operate off of the 2016 platform shown above.

This link takes you to an unedited version of the 2020 Democrat Party platform.