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11/14/2018 - Asking Caring Questions

Fall weather means more indoor time for many folks.  If you are young and active, you may find ways to "work around" that natural phenomenon (indoor sports, trips to gym, planned outings with friends, etc.)  However, for older folks, this is often a more sedentary season.

Maybe we could take advantage of some of that indoor time to talk together. Do you have children or grandchildren who would enjoy hearing your childhood stories? Do you have grandparents who have stories to share?  It is possible that you need some good questions to get the conversation going!


  • Where did you go to school? When did school start? Did you ever have a long enough summer?
  • What was your favorite subject? Did you have a subject you disliked? What did you excel at?
  • Did you have to wear uniforms? What did you wear? What were the fashions?
  • Who were your friends? What did you do with them? Did they live close? Were you always close to them?
  • How did you get to school? Did you walk? Did someone take you? How did you get home?
  • Did you do any extracurricular activities, like sports or clubs?
  • Did you go to college? If so, what degree did you pursue? Did you like college?

Farming and Harvest Time

  • Did you ever live on a farm? If so, did you like it? What did your family grow or raise?
  • Did you ever have a garden? How big was your garden space? What did you grow? What was your favorite thing to grow and eat? Did you share your garden bounty with others? What dishes did you make from your garden’s fruits and vegetables?
  • Did you ever can, freeze, make jellies/jams/pickles, etc…? What kinds of foods did you preserve?
  • Did you raise chickens, cows, pigs, goats, or other animals? Were you responsible for taking care of them?


  • Do you enjoy watching football? Did you ever play football? If so where?
  • Do you have a favorite team? Do you watch football regularly? Did you ever attend any football games?

Fall Activities

  • Did you ever attend any fall dances like Sadie Hawkins or other fall harvest dances? Who did you go with? Did you dance with anyone special?
  • Did you ever go to any state or county fairs? Did you ever enter into a competition at a fair? If so, what competition? How did you do?