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Friends come from a variety of places - as I'm sure you've seen in your life.  Church, work, parents of your children's friends, club involvement, neighborhood connections, the gym, and more. 


We are blessed at Faith Investment Services to work with a great bunch of people (both in our office and beyond) that we count as friends.  Kathi has the privilege this week to be visiting our office in Gallipolis, OH down near the Ohio River and working with our valued associates, Rick and Cami, there. 


At a recent fundraising event for Teens for Christ, we had the opportunity to "bump into" people we have known from a lot of different areas in our past.  Being with other believers that we know, and especially the fact that we know them from a wide variety of places and situations, makes me very aware of what heaven will one day feel like. In the presence of Jesus, surrounded by other people who love Him and walk with Him.  Sounds glorious!


I hope you are surrounded by friends this Thanksgiving season and that you experience the warmth and fellowship of mutual love.  May Christ's blessings be yours, dear friend!


Friendships: Enrich Your Life and Improve Your Health

Excerpted from


Many adults find it hard to develop new friendships or keep up existing friendships. Friendships may take a back seat to other priorities, such as work or caring for children or aging parents. You and your friends may have grown apart due to changes in your lives or interests. Or maybe you've moved to a new community and haven't yet found a way to meet people.


Developing and maintaining good friendships takes effort. The enjoyment and comfort friendship can provide, however, makes the investment worthwhile.


It's possible that you've overlooked potential friends who are already in your social network. Think through people you've interacted with — even very casually — who made a positive impression.


You may find potential friends among people with whom:

  • You've worked or taken classes
  • You've been friends in the past, but have since lost touch
  • You've enjoyed chatting with at social gatherings
  • You share family ties

If anyone stands out in your memory as someone you'd like to know better, reach out.