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11/2/2021 – Beautiful, Poignant Reminder

This is Kathi Dunlap, business consultant and registered assistant with Faith Investment Services.  I'd like to share a couple of stories with you, if I may.


 A few months ago, I chatted in an email about downsizing and reducing clutter.  A dear client/friend of ours replied:  

It is hard for some of us but once you get going the better you feel, like a cleansing of the soul.  

In addition I look at it like estate planning. We have our wills, power of attorney etc to make it easier for our loved ones to take over when the time comes. Until you've had to deal with the "stuff" of a loved one or the unorganized state of a loved ones property or finances, you can't understand how much work is involved. 

We have been working on this for several months and not where I want to be but it's better than where we started and with each step we get closer to the end goal.

How cool is that?  Progress!!

Another story, even more poignant, comes from a conversation I had with a young adult recently.  She has been faced with the heavy responsibility of dealing with her parents' estate and she said to me, "Probate sucks.  No one should go through probate if they can at all avoid it.  It is time consuming and gets the government involved where they don't need to be."  She is near the end of this long, arduous process and it has been a burden to her and her family.

This is something we help people with all of the time (taking proactive steps to avoid probate) and we would be happy to talk with you about that.  If you want to have an estate planning conversation, please contact our office.