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11/27/2018 - Personal Financial Audit

I want to talk today about urgent things vs important things.  Most, if not all, of us have a regular battle deciding what things should take priority in our lives.  Urgent things come crashing at us, demanding attention.  Important things stand back a little bit, lurking in the shadows, not nearly so insistent.  

It is quite common (and completely understandable!) to give most of your attention to the urgent.  There are times that it is imperative to do the urgent things in front of you. The problem is when there is no time or energy left for important things.

For most of us, having a grasp of our finances is an "important thing" that we never get around to.  We may have a vague idea of what our assets are worth and we have a slightly better grasp on our monthly bills - but we don't really know BIG PICTURE how we are doing overall.  It is very hard to make course adjustments and corrections (and plan for retirement!) when we don't know what we have.

Our office offers a free, no obligation appointment to folks who want to get serious about their financial BIG PICTURE.  To have an appointment, your only obligation is to complete a basic financial questionnaire.  This simple tool is really helpful to get a BIG PICTURE look at where you are right now.  It also makes your conversation with our advisers more productive and helpful.

We'd be glad to send you a paper questionnaire or a link to a secure online version.  We are even willing to give you a deadline for turning it in, if you want it to be an "urgent" matter!  ;-)

Perhaps it is time for your own personal financial audit - before it becomes an urgent matter!