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12/03/2019 Weight – Who Cares?

This is a general message sent to everyone on my mailing list.  I am not in any way targetting a specific person or group of people...except maybe myself!!


Some folks gain weight just by looking at holiday cookies.  Others seem to be able to metabolize just about anything they eat and never gain a pound.  I personally resemble person #1 here (!) and have often resented those who can eat whatever they want.


Then it hit me - maybe I should change what I 'want' and then I could eat whatever I want too!  If I wanted sugar and carbs less and vegetables and water more, I'd be wanting things that were better for me over the long haul. 


Why does it matter?


If you're a pound or two off of an ideal weight, it probably doesn't matter.  However, if you're carrying so much excess weight that you feel lethargic or achy or sick, it matters a great deal.  If you want to be able to play and interact with your grandchildren or feel well enough to travel or get outdoors, then it matters.  If you'd just feel a little bit better about yourself in the long run - it matters.


I'm going to share some information in this newsletter about relatively effortless things you can do to lose weight.  At the very least, maybe it will help you (and me!) not gain this winter. 


11 Proven Ways to Lose Weight without Diet or Exercise

 1) Chew Thoroughly and Slow Down

2) Use Smaller Plates for Unhealthy Foods

3) Eat Plenty of Proteins

4) Store Unhealthy Foods out of Sight

5) Eat Fiber-Rich Foods

6) Drink Water Regularly

7) Serve Yourself Smaller Portions

8) Eat without Electronic Distractions

9) Sleep Well and Avoid Stress

10) Eliminate Sugary Drinks

11) Serve Unhealthy Food on Red Plates (you'll want to read the science behind this by reading the entire article)