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12/1/2020 - Opportunity to plan for income in retirement - may be helpful to some of our readers

Change is not always fun and changes that make us feel out of control are even less fun. 

SPEAKING OF CHANGE...Something has come to our attention that we thought should be shared with you.  Over the last few months, we have watched various investment companies adjust their products (lowering interest rates, lowering the income that can be produced, dropping products from their line-up, etc.)  We often recommend using an annuity product that is fairly unique – one that offers great guaranteed benefits such as a lifetime income AND a full return-of-premium death benefit to your heirs or charity.  

Consider... great lifetime income AND a full return-of-premium death benefit to your heirs or charity.

One of the benefits that we have become very comfortable with recommending in the right situation will be changing soon. Instead of offering 5% income at age 65, it will lower to 4.75% within the next week. If you have thought about creating a plan for stable income in retirement, it might be worthwhile calling us to start a contract like this before the change takes effect.

You can open the contract with $10,000 if using non-qualified money (like bank funds or assets held individually or jointly with a spouse.) If you open the account as an IRA with an IRA contribution, you can start with as little as $5,000. Important features to remember:

* easy to start within next week and then add contributions after the contract is in place

* provides guaranteed lifetime income without losing control of your money (5% per year if starting at age 65)

* this contract also has a VERY unique death benefit that returns the full premium to your heirs upon death (put $100,000 in and heirs get at least $100,000 upon your death as long as there is $1 left in contract) even though you are drawing an income for the rest of your life

If you'd like to have a conversation about this product that provides stable guaranteed income in retirement, please call today. 419-358-4207 We will expedite an appointment with you to explain the product and see if it could be right for your situation.

Insurance products contain certain insurance features, which could include guarantees against the loss of principal.  The guarantees associated with such investments are subject to the financial strength of the issuing insurer and the specific terms and restrictions of the applicable policy or contract.  The insurance features do not guarantee that the investment will not fluctuate in value.