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12/15/2020 -- Give the gift of insurability to your children and grandchildren

Why would you need life insurance for a child?  For most people, the obvious reason would be for burial expenses in the case of an untimely death.  And since no one wants to think about that, we simply don’t.

However, we believe the main reason to have life insurance for a child is future insurability.  This simply means that when you get life insurance in-force for your child before any health conditions or lifestyle issues occur that might prevent future insurability, the child has some insurance and can in most cases get a reasonable amount more with no medical examination.  We believe this is really important and years of experience in the insurance industry has brought constant reminders that ‘not everyone is insurable.’

If you have children in your life, you may want to consider giving the simple gift of life insurance.  Read more below!

Only about 20% of parents and grandparents say they have purchased life insurance for kids, according to a survey of 2,000 adults by industry groups Life Happens and LIMRA.  What is the solution then?

One company that we work closely with, Gleaner Life Insurance Society, offers a “Just for Kids” policy that has a one-time premium of $125.  There are just a few simple medical questions.  Once approved, your child is covered by $10,000 worth of life insurance until they are age 25.  Not only that, though.  They are also able to convert that policy into a permanent life insurance certificate worth up to $50,000 with no medical exam required. That means that if their health should change before they reach age 25, they will still be eligible for affordable life insurance coverage.  (They have the choice to convert at various ages.  Details at  They also become a member of Gleaner Life Insurance Society and are eligible to apply for scholarships and receive discounted trips and activities.

Would you like more information on securing your child’s future? Call us at 419-358-4207 and ask about “Just for Kids” life insurance.

If you choose to fill out an application online (at link above), please put in "Gary Reese" as the referring agent's name so that we can assist you with future questions or needs.