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12/22/21 – It All Points to Jesus

I hope this finds you well.  We've been through another hard, sometimes sorrowful year.  God is not 'caught off guard' by things that are happening all around us, though.  He loves you dearly and promises to be your comfort and peace.


Perhaps you've heard the phrase - "Wise men still seek Him."   Can I encourage you to "seek Him" this Christmas season? 

It is interesting to think about all of the things, at Christmas and otherwise, that point us to Jesus.  Here are a few:

1) So many of the characters in the Old Testament had similarities to Jesus. This is called 'foreshadowing' and the list is quite long. 

For example, Isaac walked to the point of sacrifice on Mt Moriah (carrying his own wood) while Jesus walked to the point of sacrifice on Calvary (carrying his own cross.) 

Joseph was sold for 20 silver coins and so was Jesus.  Joseph was hated by his brothers and favored by God.  Jesus was also hated by his brothers (the Jews) and favored by God. 

Jonah spent 3 days in the belly of the whale and was 'resurrected' from it.  Jesus spent 3 days in the tomb and came back to life. 

2) The ancients celebrated an annual victory of the Sun over the long night of winter. This religious festival was held near the winter solstice of December 21-22 each year. Jesus, of course, is the Light of the World and walking with him leads us from darkness into Light.   John 1:4 NIV "In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind."

3) The candy cane is a full story in itself, pointing us to Jesus.  About the Candy Cane

4) The lives and testimonies of Christian believers can definitely point us to Jesus.  Consider reading a missionary biography or reading about the martyrs.  

5) One of the best places to go to "seek Him" is God's Word.  Consider reading through the gospels (maybe each gospel in one sitting if you can) and think about Jesus - His mission, His love, His purpose. His life. 


Wise men still seek Him!