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3/15/2022 -- Fun (or not so fun!) Facts

I hope you are doing well!  There is a glimmer of spring on the horizon and that's always wonderful.  :-)  If you are like me, the time change we experience in Ohio can be a little hard to adjust to, but it is another indicator of spring.

This week's newsletter is potpourri-style - I hope you enjoy the "fun facts" contained within!


Have you been to

On this site, you can conduct a free search for bank accounts, safe deposit box contents, uncashed checks, insurance policies, CDs, trust funds, utility deposits, stocks and bonds, wages and escrow accounts.

If you get a result, claim the property and fill out the requested details, then submit and you will receive instructions on next steps from the state where you made the claim.  I found $30 in my name!!


: Barely mentioned in Biden’s State of the Union: Rents are skyrocketing, complicating Americans’ ability to save for a house

'January data showing national rents continued to surge by double-digits over last year — and at a faster pace than for-sale... '

Read this article


Apps for your Reading Pleasure

If you like to read new releases, you may want to try some great apps to get new release e-books for free.  

  • Overdrive - allows you to check Kindle, ePub, or audiobooks out of your local library OR many larger libraries nationwide.  You can contact larger libraries to get a digital library card and then search their collection on Overdrive.
  • Libby - Libby is another book lending app where you can borrow for a limited time, read on your phone or tablet, and then return.
  • Kindle - If you don't mind buying books, you can purchase books on Amazon and read or listen to them on the Kindle app.  
  • BookBub - this isn't exactly an app, but rather an email service that finds inexpensive or free eBooks on Amazon and send you an email about them.  



Having an emergency fund may help alleviate the stress and worry associated with a financial crisis.