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3/16/2021 – From seed to towering tree!

Spring is right around the proverbial corner and with it comes gardens and growth.  Thinking about planting and growing made me think about finances. 


Whether you buy seeds from the garden center or buy grain by the bushel to plant, the seeds themselves are hard and dry.  They are considered dormant.  Moisture softens the outer coating of the seed, allowing it to germinate.  

Germination's first step is to put down a root so that the seed can draw more water to itself.  Then, the stem grows upward so that the new plant can get sunlight to fuel its growth.  Add some built-in food supply from the seed and the seed is well on its way to becoming a plant.

If you'd enjoy sharing this process with your children or grandchildren, follow this link for an easy and helpful explanation.  

Just like seeds growing into a full-grown plant, there is a starting point to our finances.  Rather than leave our potential in a bushel basket, it would be wise to add some water.  Ways that we can add water to our finances include:

1) Reading financial articles from trusted sources is a great way to start.  Learn what you can, question things that seem extreme or "rushed", and run the information by your advisers (tax, legal, and/or financial advisers) before acting on the information.  Our website has helpful articles on a variety of topics to choose from.

2) You can "add water" by having a no-obligation conversation with our staff.  One of our priorities is to educate people on financial matters.  It is much easier to learn, little by little, along the way than to digest a bunch of information all at once.   We are in this business to build long-term relationships and would be happy to talk to you.

3) One of the best ways to "add water" is to complete your own personal financial statement.  Taking the time to list your assets (things you own) and your liabilities (things you owe) can be really enlightening.  

Once you see your own financial seed begin to soften and the root take form - you will be ready to experience growth.  Call us today and let us help you grow!