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3/17/2020 – Faith Investment Services COVID-19 plan - Bluffton, OH

I don’t want to add more ‘noise’ to the COVID-19 information you are receiving.

However, as your financial adviser, I am critically aware that you may be concerned about the markets, the economy, employment disruptions, and the immediate economic future of our nation.  It is understandable to be watchful and concerned, but we do not advise you to be fearful.  When we are bombarded with conflicting information, it can be very disconcerting.  Let me encourage you to take hope and hold steady.  There are many reasons to not fear – the chief of which is that our hope is not and has never been in our health, our money, or our stuff.  Our hope is in God!  I don’t want to minimize the very real situations that many folks are facing, nor do I think we should escalate them out of proportion.  Take one day at a time, be thankful for your each gift you have been given, and hold steady. “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind.”   II Tim 1:7

How are we approaching these changing times?

Faith Investment Services has been expanding and building a broader base for the past several years.  We have multiple trained advisers, multiple staff, and capacity to work remotely as needed.  We can video conference, conference call, and perform client paperwork without direct face-to-face contact.  We are well-connected to our back office, cfd Investments, in Kokomo, IN as well.    

In our physical office, we are sanitizing the common areas and are advising our staff to take precautions to stay healthy.  We expect at this point to be open to serve you, however we will follow all government guidelines in that regard.   At this point, we are planning to have the office open from 9-3 each day and/or by appointment but can be accessed by email at any time.  Staff emails are as follows:




If you have questions or need to review your situation, feel free to reach out. 

What about upcoming events?

Both the Client Appreciation Event on March 26 and the “In Case I Die” seminar on April 25 are being postponed.   When we are able to reschedule these events, we will send new information and accept new RSVPs at that time.  Thank you for your understanding.