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3/24/2020 - 10 Financial Decisions You'll Regret

We've chatted with you a little bit in recent emails about how Faith Investment Services is adapting in the face of COVID-19.  We're definitely "here" to serve you - but our "here" looks a little bit different than a few weeks ago.

Actually, our ability to work remotely makes us more accessible in some ways that before.  Here is how to reach us to start a conversation and we'll be glad to help or talk with you either via video, phone, or face-to-face if need be.

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Effective Monday, March 23, Faith Investment Services Bluffton office will be working remotely. We will handle appointments and service work requests by appointment. Please feel free to call (419) 358-4207 or email as follows:




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The following information is taken from the MoneyWise podcast.

It is important to remember that this advice, along with most financial advice, depends on your circumstances, your goals and objectives, and your risk tolerance.  These aren't meant to be hard and fast rules, but rather general guidelines.


1) Raiding your retirement accounts

2) Claiming Social Security early

3) Paying minimum on credit cards

4) Putting off retirement savings

5) Bank-rolling your kids

6) Passing up professional advice

7) Avoiding the stock market

8) Quitting school

9) Buying a time share

10) Falling for offers that sound too good to be true

Let me reiterate - these rules don't always apply.  There are exceptions to almost all of these.  Times like now, during the COVID-19 epidemic, might be times to relax your hard rules and give yourself some slack.  For example, paying just the minimum on your credit card for a few months (especially if you don't go crazy buying more!) might put you in a more cash-rich, flexible position.  When to claim Social Security has a lot to do with your personal cash flow, your overall health and longevity, and so forth. Passing up professional advice is even up for debate - are they operating in your best interest or not? Do you have a long-standing relationship with them built on trust and communication? 

Bottom line is - these are generally GOOD principles that will guide you for a lifetime of financial success.  But please remember that you can call us to discuss the pros and cons of any of these in your SPECIFIC situation.  We'd be honored to help!