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4/26/2022 – Who is a Teacher?

Teacher Appreciation Week is a national holiday celebrated in United States of America which takes place in the first full week of May.  This is a great time, near the end of the year, to intentionally thank and recognize the teachers in your life.  Even if your children are grown, you probably know teachers who feel weary or underappreciated. 

At Faith Investment Services, we see teaching as part of our calling.  Instead of teaching mathematics or history or physical education, we teach financial principles. 

We realize that finances are not everyone's passion or "favorite thing to do."  You may not really want to know a lot of details, but we believe everyone should know enough to understand what is happening with their investments.  "Why do we have to keep IRAs or 401k money separate from other investments? What is an RMD (required minimum distribution) and why do I have to do it?  How much risk should I be taking at my age or stage of life?"

We take time with our clients to listen, understand, AND to educate.  Everyone's situation is different and we take your concerns and questions very seriously.  We would welcome a conversation with you!