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5/24/2022 – Quarterback

Many people have likened the role of financial adviser to that of a quarterback.  If you Google ‘financial adviser as quarterback’, you will see that many professionals use the term and some have even trademarked a variation of it.

What is the significance of considering us your financial quarterback?  There are many! 

1) Someone with ‘field vision’ needs to be able to see your whole financial picture, handle what they can, and delegate (or ‘pass off’) other things. 

2) You need someone to coordinate your tax advice, insurance situation, retirement planning, charitable giving, Social Security, estate planning, and legal concerns.  Just as in a football team, it is not one person’s role to DO all of those things.  However, it does belong to one person to direct and oversee the play.  You need someone calling the shots.

3) If you allow someone else to quarterback, YOU can enjoy the game.  Most of us have worked for years or even decades at things we are good at, but perhaps financial planning wasn’t one of those things.  Do you want the burden of being an expert in something you’re not an expert at?!

4) Because we serve multiple families, couples, and individuals from every walk of life, year after year, we’ve probably seen something like your situation before.  This may be your first time at the fourth down of retirement, but we’ve been on the line many times before. We’ve watched the film and have game experience.  It can be very hard to understand terms and concepts the first time around and I’m not being at all condescending when I say that!  There are many things I don’t understand—and I exhibit the most wisdom when I realize what I know and what I don’t know.

We would be honored to be your first-round draft pick when you are forming your team.  We can work well with other financial players, such as your tax preparer, account, lawyer, insurance agent, or other professional. If you don’t have your team roster yet, we can even help you meet some great new players we’ve worked with before.  Call us to start a conversation about your victory!