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6/8/2021 – Hope you're not building anything!

If you are attempting a home remodeling project or building a home at this time, you know that we are facing unprecedented shortages and delays in building materials.  It's a pretty crazy time!

There has been a "perfect storm" of reasons for the shortages and backlogs: 

  • According to "Business Insider" natural disasters such as the Texas ice storm affected plastics plants, causing a plastic shortage.  Home goods, devices, and even medical supplies are affected.
  • Unemployment bonuses have caused some workers to delay their return to work, affecting manufacturing across many segments.
  • COVID-19 regulations forced retooling of factories (to allow 6' distancing and other precautions.)
  • Fires in major factories in Japan have caused a chip shortage, affecting appliances, medical equipment, electronics, etc.

The Chamber of Commerce’s quarterly report also shows contractors face increasing challenges due to COVID-19:

83% experiencing product delays.
71% struggling to meet schedule requirements.
68% experiencing delays expected into Q2 of 2021.
58% putting in higher bids on projects.
53% saying major project shutdowns/delays are a top concern.
41% saying material shortages is a severe consequence of COVID-19.
39% turning down work opportunities.

Patience and resourcefulness are really important at this time.  If you don't need to repair or replace right now, you may want to wait until a better time.  If something major happens and you must work on your home, it is a good time to network and talk to other folks and find out how they are managing to get things done.

Consider temporary solutions when you can and ask friends and family for help and input.  Remember, too, that your frustration is normal - but you still want to be kind and treat store employees, construction workers, and other service people with dignity and grace.  They are dealing with a lot right now too!

If we can help in any way, please let us know!