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7/5/2022 – Taxes – A Funny Cycle

If you are from Ohio or have spent much time here, you are familiar with the Ohio road construction jokes.  Here's one: What are the four seasons in Ohio?

1) almost winter

2) winter

3) still winter

4) road construction  - hahaha!

To some degree, we all experience this endless cycle with taxes too, but we may not realize it. The tax cycle would go something like this:

1) January - April - preparing for and agonizing through tax prep

2) May - November - denial that taxes exist or that there is anything proactive that can possibly be done about them

3) December - brief, panicked moment when you wish you had done some planning to reduce your tax bill - no "hahaha" there!


Take a quick look below at a new way to look at things and how we can help you save some money.


We help clients watch for tax saving opportunities all year round.  But to be honest, even though it helps save money, talking "tax savings" doesn't generate a lot of interest or appeal.  People are exhausted by tax season, want to bury their heads in the sand and forget, and often don't come "back up for air" soon enough to get the counsel they need before December 31 rolls around (or whatever deadline might apply to their situation.)

One very simple trick that might help - especially for our clients - would be to give us access to your tax return.  We have very secure ways you can send it digitally or you can bring it in and let us scan it here in the office.  If you will avail yourself to the process, we will give you some very clear insights into the opportunities that exist in your return.  If you want to save money, that is!

If you are not our client but feel that you would benefit from a conversation like this, please ask how to get started.  We don't pressure you - you are always in the driver's seat.  Contact our office today!