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8/17/2021 - What About Our Stuff?

This is Kathi Dunlap, a registered assistant at Faith Investment Services.  My husband and I recently moved from a beautiful home we had recently renovated.  We thought a few years ago that this would be our "forever home" and had planned for wide doorways, handicap accessible bathrooms, etc.  This was a place we could live in for a LONG time.

What happened?  I could oversimplify and point to this or that, but truthfully, there were many facets to the decision. 

One happy byproduct of the decision, though, has been downsizing.  Even though it is a LOT of work, it feels good to lighten the load a little bit.  Maybe this is something you could join me in - even if you're not moving any time soon!

More Joy with Less Stuff

 Even though most of us don't have large family businesses to liquidate or exotic vacation properties to sell, the principles in this article from National Christian Foundation still apply!  Take a minute to remind yourself about the value of less.