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While some people have been negatively impacted by economic changes related to COVID, it has not affected everyone. I personally believe that local economies respond differently than the overall statistics might indicate. Rural communities, for example, have different ways of adapting than urban communities might.

There are immediate concerns in an economic downturn, such as keeping up with monthly bills. There are also more long-term concerns, such as the economy's impact on retirement accounts.

If you've been negatively impacted in your investment accounts, you might simply need to "hold steady" and let the market return. It could be, however, that you are not allocated in a way that suits your risk tolerance.

If you'd like a simple review of your retirement plans, we would be happy to talk with you.

This article from Smart About Money (SAM), a division of the National Foundation for Financial Education, has some helpful suggestions for getting back on track if your retirement plan seems derailed.