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8/18/2022 - Medicare: Do you have questions?

It will soon be that time of the year when EVERY commercial on the TV talks about Medicare Advantage Plans. It is amazing how much these commercials can blur together until you actually start approaching age 65. 

Then, all of sudden, you realize that you need to learn about and understand the whole Medicare process. Some people turn to friends and family members. Some seek out a licensed agent to talk with. Some just gather info, bit by bit, much like acquiring 'street smarts.'


When you are approaching age 65, the government sends out a very helpful book called something like "2022 Medicare & You." It is written in large print and very clearly states what options are available in the Medicare system.

The problem lies in the nuances. The rules for eligibility, coverage, options, etc. are very a point. What if you are still working? Does your workplace insurance count as creditable coverage? Do you have to start coverage right away at age 65? What if your spouse is covered under an employer plan but you are not?


There is no harm in having a conversation with an insurance agent 3-6 months prior to turning age 65. The TV commercial make it sound like October - December is the only time you can discuss Medicare or change plans. However, a discussion is free and available any time - and knowledge is power.
If you would like to talk about your options, please contact our office and ask to speak with an agent. We can help! Knowledge is power!