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8/4/2020 - 6 Transcendent Principles of Money

Our staff had the opportunity recently to participate in a conference call on financial planning as it relates to stewardship.  Some great principles, attributed to Ron Blue, were shared that you might find helpful.

The 6 transcendent principles of money:

* God owns it all

* spend less than you earn

* avoid debt

* build liquidity

* set long-term goals

* rejoice in generosity

The speaker on our conference call talked about how believers in Jesus should see God as owner and creator of everything.  The interesting thng, though, is that those who do not believe in God's ownership still recognize and find satisfaction in finding a higher purpose for money.

Science has shown that spending less than you earn and giving a portion of your income to charity raises mental health and happiness levels across the board.  It is GOOD to do good and not fall prey to a consumption mentality.

It can be difficult sometimes to create the margin necessary to give or to live within your means. If you think you would benefit from a "reality check" with a trusted adviser, we would be glad to help.

Our normal process is to ask folks to complete a simple questionnaire that gathers important financial information together in one place.  This can be helpful to you - even if you never share it with us!  However, we have found that having an open conversation about your situation (good, bad, or otherwise) is freeing and can open up areas for improvement and position change. 

Contact us today either by calling 419-358-4207 or email Kathi @ to get started.