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8/6/2021 – It’s a Donut Day!

June 4 of this year was "National Donut Day" in the US.  And some other day was National Hot Dog Day and a few weeks ago was "Aunts and Uncles Day".   If enough people say it and some website declares it, then any day can be a "special day!"  (which might make it very unspecial - but that's a matter for another day!)

We have a running joke in our office that when things get a little stressful or chaotic, we simply declare it "Donut Day!"  An eager staff member volunteers to walk down the sidewalk to our local bakery, pick up the designated favorites, and deliver happiness to all.

Maybe donuts aren't your thing (or indulging your sugar craving is something you are careful about) but most of us need some way to handle stress. Let me encourage you to "lighten up" and live!

Lighten up and live!


This short episode of "Lighten Up and Live" by Ken Davis reminds us of how the Bible compares us to sheep.  Not necessarily a compliment (!) but a good reminder.


Enjoy - lighten up and live!!