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We frequently talk to charities -- several in our local area in the last year -- about how to stimulate and equip their donors to give generously to their mission.  

The problem is usually NOT that people don't want to give. 

The problem is usually NOT lack of promotion or discussion.

Honestly, the problem quite frequently is a lack of guidance  "I don't know how to do what I want to do..." or a lack of understanding "If I give charitably here and now, will it negatively impact my heirs later?"

What I would say in response to this is -- "Is it worth finding out?"  Are you willing to take a little bit of time to get educated on the process of giving, especially as it relates to your resources after you die?  Quite honestly, the process is not hard and the impact to your family or heirs can be minimal. 

I think charities have a hard time promoting this idea because everyone perceives that they are "after your money" and this is such a sensitive topic to most people.  If you work with a financial professional that is not promoting any specific charity, you can be assured that your interests and charitable desires are served. 

We'd be happy to have a conversation with you if you are interested. says "For high-net-worth clients, there are few sources as trusted as financial advisors for information on charitable giving.  In fact, when it comes to philanthropic decisions, advisors are bested only by one other type of confidant: spouses and partners, according to a survey by U.S. Trust."

High-net-worth or not, there is value in talking about how you want your money to be distributed upon death.  There are various ways to accomplish your wishes (will, transfer-on-death TOD or payable-on-death POD arrangements, and more complex plans.)  Sometimes, just starting to ask the questions will shed light on your situation. 

Do you have a charity or benevolent cause that you would like to bless? Now or at your death?  Let's talk!