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9/15/2020 - Breaking the Power of Silence

There are many ways to communicate and to express yourself.  Instead of holding things inside (which can promote anxiety, depression, and more) it is wise to open up, share your feelings and thoughts, and find appropriate ways to work through your feelings. 

One way to do that is to journal.  Some people love the thought of journaling - some hate it.  What are the benefits?  Why do we dread to do it? Is there an easy way to get started?

Check out this article for inspiration!  How Journaling Can Help You in Hard Times


I heard this quote a few years ago at the Christian and Missionary Alliance general council. 

Remember, the enemy builds strongholds in secrecy and enforces them by silence.  Break the silence and you will break the stronghold.”  (Donald A Lichi, PhD.  Broken Windows of the Soul   p96)  

It is amazing how accurate this is in regard to finances.  Most people have a wall of silence around them concerning their finances and it is not helpful.  Silence is not golden in these circumstances.  Please find someone you can trust and start the conversation.  I am a trusted advisor for many.  Your opportunity to break some strongholds may be a phone call or e-mail away.