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I hope you're enjoying this fall season.  Living in a state with changing seasons is a blessing.  The changes remind us of what has been, what we have right now, and what is yet to come.  

Change isn't a bad thing, but sometimes it is hard to stay on track when there is constant change thrust upon us.  We'll talk a little bit about that in this issue...

In the financial industry, there is constant change from rules, laws, and regulators.  Change comes from the companies we work with -- whether it is updated forms, changing rates of return, or new products.  We meet new people in our industry and work to build relationships with those who are like-minded.  We undergo regular training and certification, because of the changing landscape of our industry.

One partner we have, who helps us stay abreast of changes, is our back office support in Kokomo, Indiana -- cfd Investments, an independent Christian broker/dealer.  We really appreciate the independent adviser model because it gives us a lot of freedom to choose the companies we work with to provide recommendations that are suitable to each individual client. 

We are spending a few days in Kokomo this week for encouragement, training, and required compliance meetings.  Mike Huckabee will be speaking, along with a number of other professionals.  

We believe that we will come back refreshed, better informed, and "changed!"

If you'd like to have a review of your finances (whether you are an existing client or not) to see how normal life changes are affecting your situation, we'd be happy to meet with you.  It's completely ok to dedicate some time to getting "up-tp-date" on your situation.  You cannot expect your financial situation to remain static -- there is and always will be reason to review and assess your situation. 

Contact us if we can be a help to you.  There is no cost or obligation to meet with us, except for some preparation time prior to the first appointment. Call our office to ask how to begin.  419-358-4207