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April 2018 - Video Brings Message to Life

April 2018 - Video Brings Message to Life

Guest article by Kathi Dunlap

After working for several hours on some new videos for our website, I was finally ready to hit ‘play.’  Gary’s voice asked a few key questions and then my voice joined his in explanation.  What was so amazing to me as I listened to the video unfold was that, even though I had written the script, all of the information suddenly came alive as I heard the voices speaking.  Things that we had tried to put into writing for literally ‘years’ were suddenly crystal clear—just by speaking them.  This is a testimony to the power of video marketing over print, for sure. But even more than that, it is proof that having a conversation about something brings it to life!

The message that we were communicating in this particular video was about BRI — Biblically Responsible Investing.  BRI involves a screening process that allows our clients to see what kinds of moral activities their current investments are supporting. We don’t require our clients to utilize BRI, but we do make the service available to those folks who want their dollars to support their values. Here’s the script:

male: Not like everyone else?  (Pause)  Then why invest like everyone else?

female: If you wouldn't buy shares of an abortion clinic or operate an adult club, do you want your investment dollars to support those things?  (Pause)  Our complimentary investment screen report will let you see how much your current investment dollars support abortion, pornography, gambling, or other concerns.  (Pause again) Contact us for a no-obligation conversation.  We want to help!

This dialog, along with some simple whiteboard-style graphics, was very impactful to me as I watched it play across the screen. Just saying the words out loud made the whole concept more clear and concise that it had ever been before.

Maybe your own financial situation is like that!  Even with all of the information in your checkbook or spreadsheets — or things that are mailed to you from the bank, the broker, or the different investment companies — sometimes it is hard to really nail down what you have, what you’re doing with it, and what it means for your ‘bottom line.’  Is it possible that having a conversation with an adviser would bring clarity to your financial situation?  We have found that most of the time, just sitting down for a financial conversation with a trusted adviser (and your spouse or adult children or others who are involved) is very illuminating.  Action steps become clear.  Things that need to be updated or rectified are brought to light. The conversation often brings peace and even hope because you can finally see the ‘big picture.’  There is nothing magic about this, but I believe there is something spiritual that   happens. Back in 2011, we wrote in our newsletter: “’Remember, the enemy builds strongholds in secrecy and enforces them by silence.  Break the silence and you will break the stronghold.’  (Donald A Lichi, PhD.  Broken Windows of the Soul p 96)”  This has never been more true than today.

We specialize in listening first and then making recommendations if appropriate. All that is required to have a financial conversation is to complete a basic questionnaire first.  The questionnaire is your “ticket” to a free, no-obligation conversation — and it allows us to have a birds-eye view of your financial situation when we sit down to talk (and listen) to you.  You can find a link to the questionnaire on our website under the “Tools” tab.  It is called “Personal Financial Information Questionnaire.”  You can complete it and we’ll contact you for an appointment OR you can email me at to discuss the process first.  Thanks!

Kathi Dunlap



Have things changed for you — new home, new phone number or email, new child, family changes?  Do you need to change your beneficiaries? Please take a moment and email   We may simply need to update our files, but certain types of information should also be reported to the companies who hold your investments. Let us help you stay up-to-date!



We welcome Orrie Augsburger as our newest staff member.  Orrie’s role as adviser assistant has already been a great asset to our firm and we are excited about his future development and involvement. Gary is introducing him to many of our clients during regular appointments.  Read more about him on the enclosed insert!

Our clients and friends are able to get a complimentary subscription to Everplans through our office.  This is a simple online tool that guides you through legal, financial, healthcare and personal decisions—a tool that ensures your wishes are met and your loved ones aren’t left with hassles.  It is also a discussion starter to help you have important conversations with your parents or children. It is an online organizer. It is a place for personal letters of blessing to pass to your family upon your death. It is a password vault and document storage tool. It is a way to express your funeral wishes and elaborate on your inheritance desires.  It is a place to record a “moral will” of those intangible values you’d like to pass on to the next generation. You can pick “deputies” who can access your documents and information—family members, friends and other beneficiaries or professionals—and ensure that even after you’re gone, you maintain control.

Email to request your complimentary membership.


CATARACT SURGERY—by Dr. Craig & Dr. Shenouda of Advanced Vision Care in Lima, OH

This may surprise you, but almost everyone over the age of 60 has some degree of cataract forming.  Of course, this varies from person to person. What is a cataract? There is a natural lens inside the eye located just behind the iris (the colored part of the eye). This lens functions similarly to a camera lens, that is, it helps the eye focus your vision. A normal young lens is very clear. The word "cataract" means that the normally clear lens has become clouded. A cataract "dirties" your view but does not harm you. When you determine that you do not want to live with the "dirty view" any longer, and when your eye doctor agrees that removing your cataract would likely result in an improvement in your vision, then you may elect to have cataract surgery. Following surgery, you will be using medicated prescription eye drops for several weeks. Typically, you may resume most normal activities right away. In most cases, your glasses prescription will change. Some people find that they can function well without glasses after cataract surgery or they may merely require reading glasses to finetune their close vision.

We consistently add people to our mailing list who we think may benefit from the material.  If this is one of your first newsletters, WELCOME!!  We hope you enjoy it!  We try to be informative and share our thoughts and our lives with you.  We know you are busy and also realize that perhaps you are served well by another adviser and don’t “need” to hear from us.  If that’s the case and you’d rather not receive these mailings, feel free to email or call us at 419-358-4207 to ask to be removed.



How do you learn about Social Security and the way it works? From friends? On the TV? By talking to a Social Security representative?

There are things that you NEED to know before you make decisions about when to draw Social Security and we can help.  How will working part– or full-time affect your benefits? How much can you earn without causing your benefits to be taxable? What income sources can you receive without negatively affecting Social Security?

Because Social Security and other income sources are inter-related, it is important to talk to someone who is an expert and who has your best interest in mind. Let Gary review your total situation and help you make good decisions during your retirement transition.

Call today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. 

INHERITED IRAs—Will you or someone you know be inheriting tax-qualified money?

STOP! Before you accept any money through inheritance—you need to know about the tax impact!  We strongly recommend that you talk to a trusted adviser BEFORE taking possession of any inheritance money. What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

Setting up a “Beneficiary IRA” (sometimes called Stretch IRA or Inherited IRA) can help you control the timing of the taxes you will pay on the inherited money. However, once you take possession of the money, you cannot go back and set up a Beneficiary IRA after the fact.

Call our office — we help people all the time to understand the tax implications of the decisions they are making. We’d be glad to help you!


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