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Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) explained

Biblically Responsible Investing (often abbreviated BRI) is a way to align your investments with your values.  Most investments involve ownership.  When you have a mutual fund or a brokerage account, you own small pieces of many different companies.  Through the use of research and technology, we are able to know which companies you are actually invested in and whether those companies voluntarily support things like abortion, pornography, same-sex political agendas, etc.  If you would like us to recommend funds that perform well from an investment standpoint AND are ‘clean’ from a moral perspective, we would be happy to help.

Please explore the entire BRI section of our website for more information. It is not our desire to judge or condemn anyone, but we are also aware that each person has the right to invest in ways that matter to them. We strive to help people better understand what they are invested in, so that they can make educated decisions.