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4 Ways to Beat an Economic Downturn

4 Ways to Beat an Economic Downturn

June 02, 2022

1) Lower Your Costs: Whether you're running a business or a household, now is the time to cut costs and become a cash flow machine. Also, find lower-cost providers for services and goods and cut every form of waste and fat. When you use each resource to its maximum advantage, it's good for the environment and even better for your bottom line.

2) Bargain Shop: Many vendors are offering steep price concessions. It seems everyone is having a sale, but you have to ask for the discount. You'll be amazed by how much money you can save just by asking for a discount. Try it for a week. 

3) Add To Your Portfolio: Build your portfolio when securities are “on sale” if you are inclined to be in the market for the long-term. 

4) Utilize Government Assistance when applicable: I personally dislike all the government bailout and incentive programs. It’s a shame that the government goes deeper into debt while paying consumers to purchase cars (Cash For Clunkers) or homes (First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit). However, like it or not, these opportunities exist and can be very helpful in certain situations.  If you're in the market for a car or first home, it could be beneficial to take advantage of these government incentives.