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Are there opportunities you are missing?

November 29, 2022

It won't be long and 2022 will come to a close.  All of our income for the year will be earned. All of the expenses will be paid.  There won't be many options or opportunities to change how our 2022 tax return will play out. (Gloomy music plays in the background...)

But wait!  All is not lost!  There ARE still options and opportunities.  This is actually a great time to review your situation and see what you can do to pay less in taxes. We can assess your 2021 return and compare it with 2022 to look for opportunities you might benefit from - things like possible Roth conversions, charitable giving options, certain tax credits, etc.  If you think you know reasonably well what your 2022 income will be, we can run some scenarios to help you make good decisions.

Let's face it.  Your tax preparer is QUITE OFTEN too busy cranking out tax returns to take the time to stop and look for opportunities.  They are paid to file taxes, not do tax planning for you (in most cases.)  Even if you have a preparer who is proactive, there is could be benefit to a 2nd opinion. Call us today!