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Choosing Investments in your 401k

Choosing Investments in your 401k

May 26, 2022

How do you choose investments in your 401k? Which investments meet your goals and needs? Most people are unsure which investments to pick inside their 401k. 

401k plans usually offer a variety of mutual funds ranging from conservative too aggressive with some in-between. Some people don’t realize you can customize your choices/ asset allocation and choose more than just one of these funds. There are many factors though when trying to choose these funds and deciding what percentage of your portfolio they should be. How risky should you be? What investments fit your time horizon? How much should you contribute? What are the options available inside your employer's 401k?

With all these questions and factors, it can leave you overwhelmed and confused. And your employer usually doesn’t ask or explain these things to you. That is why Faith Investment Services is available to assist in choosing the right investments inside your employer’s 401k plan at no cost to you, whether you are just starting a 401k or have had one for years. We simply want to be a blessing to you and your family. Our advisers will help you assess and answer all those important questions and make sure your investments fit you.

For beginners and smaller accounts, this one-time assessment is often enough to get on the right track.  For larger accounts or those nearing retirement, you may want to consider our ongoing service, offered at a small fee, that checks your 401k allocation and makes adjustments.  We can discuss that with you and explain how it works.

There is one more important question to consider about your 401k or any investment. Does your investment fit your beliefs? Sometimes we do not realize that our investments have been actively supporting things that are against our beliefs - like abortion, pornography, alcohol, gambling, and same-sex political agenda.  Faith Investment Services offers a free screen of your investments to see if and how your investments may be violating any of your beliefs.   This is available for your 401k and/or any other investment accounts, IRAs, etc. that you have.