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Do you have a 401k plan through work?

Do you have a 401k plan through work?

May 11, 2022

Does your employer offer a 401(k) plan as a benefit? If you answered yes, then this blog post is for you! There are a few important questions you should consider to make the most of your 401(k).

  • Does my employer match a percentage of my contributions? If yes, am I contributing enough to get the full match?
  • Do I have any old 401(k) plans at former employers? We can help you consolidate them and simplify your investments.  Transferring them to your own IRA might give you more investment options and the ability to know where your money is being invested.
  • Are the investments within my 401(k) aligned with my time horizon, risk tolerance, and goals? Here are Faith Investment Services, we offer investment analysis to make sure that your investments are allocated appropriately. If you would like to have active management on your 401(k), we offer this as well.
  • What do my investments support? We offer Biblically Responsible Investing Reports to show you what your investments are supporting. We can screen your accounts and send you a detailed report to show you if they support abortion, pornography, alcohol, gambling, LBGTQ+, or other areas contrary to your beliefs.

If you have any questions about the information discussed, please contact us today to start a conversation. We are happy to help!