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Giving it a voice

Giving it a voice

April 20, 2022

Tax season is completed for most of us.  The dust is settling, the refunds have been spent, and the stress for many is over for another year.  I firmly believe in paying “Caesar what belongs to Caesar" (Luke 20: 21-26) - but not anymore than necessary.  Tax efficiency is one factor in overall financial planning.  It all has to be kept in balance.  This issue will not go away and will return every year.  You are probably out of balance if you haven’t discussed these concerns with OR have hidden them from your financial adviser. 

Speaking of hiding, I heard this quote at a conference a number of years ago.  “Remember, the enemy builds strongholds in secrecy and enforces them by silence.  Break the silence and you will break the stronghold.”  (Donald A Lichi, PhD.  Broken Windows of the Soul p96) It is amazing how accurately this pertains to finances.  There is a wall of silence around most people concerning their finances (Including insurance planning and taxation) and it is not helpful.  Silence is not golden in these circumstances.  Please find someone you can trust and at least start the conversation.  I am a trusted adviser for many.  I offer a non-judgmental, confidential listening ear.  Your opportunity to break some strongholds may be a phone call or e-mail away.