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Graduation Gifts & Ideas

Graduation Gifts & Ideas

May 02, 2022

As Graduation is approaching, it is time to start thinking about what you would like to give as a gift. Here are some great options to consider:

1) Card and cash. A card and cash are often the “go-to” graduation gift. For new graduates, the money that they receive can help pay for college, build an emergency fund, or help them prepare for the future. A great addition to add to this gift would be a book about financial literacy and the basics of finance. This will not only help them through this transition, but it can also be a resource for them to learn how to manage their money.

2) A study Bible. Even if the graduate already has a Bible, a study bible is a great resource for them to use to dig deeper into God’s Word. For a more personal touch to this gift, have friends and family of the graduate highlight or write encouraging notes on their favorite Bible verses.

3) A “Survival Kit.” A graduate survival kit may not contain rope, flint and steel, and other typical survival kit necessities, but rather the things necessary to survive this life transition. This kit could be filled with basic tools (hammer, tape measure, screwdriver, etc.), a first aid kit, a small sewing kit, etc. This kit can also be filled with spiritual tools. These tools include a Bible study that helped you grow, books that you have enjoyed, or writing a personal note to encourage them in their faith.

4) Be creative! If you know the graduate well, do not be afraid to get them a gift that you know they will love even if it is “outside the box.”

Enjoy this opportunity to encourage and be a light to the graduates in your life!