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In Case I Die - What about long-term care?

In Case I Die - What about long-term care?

September 20, 2022


According to Dept of Health and Human Services at

  • 23 percent of those who die between ages 65 and 74 receive any paid long-term care and only 9 percent receive long-term nursing home care. For those who survive to age 85, it increases to 54 percent receiving some paid long-term care and 34 percent receiving long-term nursing home care.
  • It is estimated that 75 percent of 65-year-old women develop severe long-term care needs before they die, compared with 64 percent of their male counterparts; 55 percent of women and 38 percent of men receive some paid long-term care over their lifetime.

Since there is a strong possibility that you could need long-term care (in case you don't die!), planning in this area brings peace of mind for you and your family.