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In Case I Die - Who Helps Execute my Wishes?

In Case I Die - Who Helps Execute my Wishes?

October 04, 2022


When you plan ahead for your inevitable death, you have much more say in how your affairs are handled after death.  This isn’t selfish — it is prudent.  You can choose an executor (named in a will) to handle your assets and distribute them as you choose.  You can name a guardian for your minor children and decide ahead of time who you want to have care for them. You can name a trustee (if you have a trust in place or create a testamentary trust through your will) to hold money or other assets “in trust” for minor children, family members who might be better off with a gradual inheritance rather than a sudden one, and so forth. The more you prepare in advance, the more you can ease the burden for your loved ones and do what is best for them.