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Who should I turn to for estate planning help?

Who should I turn to for estate planning help?

May 23, 2022

If you know that dying today would leave confusion or stress for your family members, you might be wondering who can help you.  Do you need an attorney to write a will, do you go to the estate planning seminar you saw an ad for recently, do you talk to your financial adviser?  Who understands your situation and can help?

We specialize in coming alongside to help.  It is what we do.  If you want to begin estate planning to avoid some of the things that can and do go wrong, here is how we help:

1) We would have you complete a simple questionnaire, gathering basic information together in place.  This often brings a lot of clarity.

2) We would meet with you, review your situation, hear your story and family dynamics (really anything that pertains to your estate plan), and then make some suggestions.  We focus on education at this point.  What a will does (and doesn’t do), setting up beneficiaries for various accounts, how to avoid unnecessary probate, etc.  Sometimes, people have accounts “all over the place” and we can help clean up your overall situation by consolidating and simplifying.

3) We then refer the legal aspects and tax aspects of your situation to either your trusted advisers or to trusted professionals that we recommend.

Give us the opportunity to help you get your affairs in order.