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Write a Joy Script

June 13, 2023

Our office sees people at all points on the "life spectrum" - happy and sad, stressed and peaceful, young and old, in transition and in a rut, educated or not, employed or not, in a relationship or not.

We don't have the luxury of seeing our clients in a "cookie cutter" framework.  Everyone is different and everyone is going through different things. And that's ok!

Let me take a minute to give a word of encouragement to those walking through a valley. It might be your health or your relationship status or your bank account that is troubling you. It might be an unexplained anxiety or lingering grief.  You might simply be "in a funk."

Take heart, friend. God loves you and He sees you. He may at this moment be causing you to read this email so you can be reminded of His presence and love. 

If life is particularly hard right now, don't go it alone. Reach out to your church or a trusted friend. Call us and ask for prayer. Allow those around you to help you.

Today might be a good day to write a "joy script" for your life. What kind of things make you happy? Write them down. Maybe it is buying a bouquet of flowers, having a warm tea on the porch, taking a short (or long) run or bike ride, reading a devotional or book, taking a short road trip.  It doesn't have to be expensive - it is about allowing yourself to experience something enjoyable and acknowledging that it makes you happy. 

Take heart, friend. And may you find or create something today that brings you joy.