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July 2017 - Recovery

Dear Friend,

Most of you probably know that I had a serious heart event a few weeks ago. I had gone to the local emergency room due to severe angina pain while mowing the yard. I wound up in the hospital scheduled for a heart catherization procedure. They found just one artery with problems but it was severely restricted and proceeded to put a stent in. Shortly afterwards the stent became immediately clogged and they had to redo the procedure and put another stent inside the original one. At the same time, I was bleeding rather profusely internally due to the blood thinners needed to keep my stent from clogging again. Although I do not remember much during those couple of days, I found out later how bad it had been and how much everything had been “touch and go.” The doctors, nurses, and everyone else who had seen me were greatly relieved to see me looking so good, as they called it.

Shannon had a lot of support from family and friends during that time, for which I am very grateful because I was not able to relieve her of that stress. Many people stopped by and prayed for both Shannon and I as well as many others who were praying for us around the globe. We cannot say enough how much that meant to us. We even had to restrict the number of visitors just so I could get some rest. Thanks to all of you who came and prayed and those who stayed away but prayed!!

Our daughter Hyphen was one of those family members who flew in from out of state to stay with us soon after my event. She is a pediatric nurse and very capable so she was in on most of my doctor’s meetings. She knew what questions to ask, who to ask, and how to interpret my medical stats. She was my advocate. When I was released the first time, she arranged all my new medications (12) on a spreadsheet and taught me how, when, and why to take them. She saw to it that I went back in the hospital two days after my first release because she realized my pneumonia was worsening. She prayed me through the tapping of my lungs procedure that I really feared, but when they got 2 liters of fluid off, I turned the corner physically and was able to really progress toward recovery. She was more than an advocate -- she managed my recovery.

May I make an analogy here? Hyphen came because she loves us. That would have been enough all by itself to greatly bless us. But in addition, God used her insights and skills to bring great relief to our situation. I can’t help but think this is what we at Faith Investment Services do for folks in financial situations all the time. Whether I am meeting with people in Rick McDaniel’s office in Gallipolis, Ohio or in my office in Bluffton, Ohio, I am privileged to bring insights and skill to the table to help folks.

We encourage readers in almost every communication to “start the conversation.” If you are not talking about what is ailing you, it is harder to get relief. Many issues can end up staying below the surface and getting worse instead of better. We believe that we can be an advocate for those going through or approaching financial “events.” Asking folks to start a conversation about their finances is just one proven way we come alongside and help people in their situations.

I received an excellent report from my first cardiologist visit. I plan on being around for a long time! I like my doctor because he is a plain talker and we just keep having conversations. Maybe you are having some financial pain or are ignoring some financial symptoms or just need someone who is experienced and skilled to simply listen. We would be happy to advocate for you! We are available but it is totally your responsibility to respond. Let us know how we can help you today.

Gary Reese


Have things changed for you — new home, new phone number or email, new child, family changes? Do you need to change or review your beneficiaries? Please take a moment and send a quick email to We may simply need to update our files, but certain types of information should also be reported to the companies who hold your investments. Let us help you stay up-to-date!

We consistently add people to our mailing list who we think may benefit from the material. If this is one of your first newsletters, WELCOME!! We hope you enjoy it! We try to be informative and share our thoughts and our lives with you. We know you are busy and also realize that perhaps you are served well by another adviser and don’t “need” to hear from us. If that’s the case and you’d rather not receive these mailings, feel free to email or call us at 419-358-4207 to ask to be removed.



Riley Creek Arbor recently held two events to bless and be part of the communities where we live. In late May, we were able to take fourth graders from Unity Elementary School in Lima, OH on an outing to reward them for working hard for state tests. The students were treated to bowling, pizza, snacks, and a good time with teachers, staff, and arbor members. We had a great time being with these children!

Then, on Memorial Day, we were able to have a unit in the Bluffton, OH Memorial Day parade. We carried the Riley Creek Arbor banner in front of Scott Basinger’s classic car and were followed by Ron Koontz’s golf cart full of Arbor goodies to give away to parade-goers. We gave away water koozies, frisbees, “Say NO to drug” coloring books, candy, and other fun items. We had about 13 members and friends marching with us.

Our next event will be a free swimming day at the Bluffton Community Pool sometime in July. Stay tuned!


Do you know someone in the financial service field who is considering career advancement or someone desiring to start in financial services? We are considering hosting some round-table discussions with young advisers and/or students and would like to connect with people who want to learn more about the business. We also are having discussions about hosting a “Work as Worship” conference in Lima and/or Bluffton next February for Christian business people to integrate their work with their faith. More to follow!



We are very happy to announce a new value-added service to our clients and friends called EVERPLANS. Everplans is a simple, step-by-step guide through legal, financial, healthcare and personal decisions—a tool that ensures your wishes are met and your loved ones aren’t left with hassles.

It is a discussion starter to help you have important conversations with your parents or children. It is an online organizer. It is a place for personal letters of blessing to pass to your family upon your death. It is a password vault and document storage tool. It is a way to express your funeral wishes and elaborate on your inheritance desires. It is a place to record of “moral will” of those intangible things you’d like to pass on to the next generation.

Guidance: Get help organizing your vital documents and final wishes. Everplans guides you through everything from taking care of your will, to keeping usernames and passwords. It gives you tips to organize documents and shows you what to save. With

Everplans, you will:

  • Be certain you don’t miss a single document or bit of information
  • Make sure your beneficiaries know who to contact with questions
  • Give special instructions on things like taking care of a family pet

 Secure Storage: Save all your information safely and in one place. Everplans operates like an electronic safety-deposit box, but it’s safer and smarter because it allows you to keep a scanned copy of your information in a totally secure—yet instantly accessible location.

 You’ll receive a personal email from your advisor with a unique link to your Everplan

  • Click the link, and you’ll be guided through the setup process
  • Once your account is set up, just follow the steps to completing your plan

Share only what you want and designate who gets to see it. Pick “deputies” who can access your documents and information—family members, friends and other beneficiaries or professionals—and ensure that even after you’re gone, you maintain control.

  • Choose your deputies
  • Designate which deputies have access to which documents
  • Know that your wishes will be met

Email to request your complimentary membership. Your Everplan is the easiest, most important plan of your life. Get started today!